What makes an online business?

A website?
One that you can change. One that has a central customer database. That would be nice.

How about Ecommerce?
A website with inbuilt email marketing and targeted newsletters.
A sleak system with web analytics and customer profiling.
An all in one system that tells you what your customers are doing as they do it. If only it was that easy....

Welcome to Widescope Web Freedom.
One system, one low monthly fee starting at £30

It's your website. Help it grow.

A website that allows YOU to change it without any technical skills.

Need a new page? Two clicks and you can add a page, anywhere.
If you've used Microsoft Word, you'll be right at home creating new pages.

And the fun doesn't stop there. Our socially aware system allows you to create forums, add surveys and post updates to blogs and news sections whenever you want.

Perhaps you have VIP content - an area for only your special customers to access. Add a secure zone, enter the email address of the customer and within minutes your page is protected and accessible by only those you allow to login.

Turn enquiries into leads

Respond quicker - build intelligent web forms that notify you instantly by email and SMS when you get a new customer!

With an easy to use web interface you can create custom web forms that pass enquiries to your online customer database.
Meaning you'll never lose a lead.

Know your customers

With your online business, every internet inquiry, every purchase and every action is recorded against a customer record.

Over time you'll build a complete profile of every customer and how they interact with your business, all from your built-in contact database.

Add custom fields to the database with a point and click menu that allows you to capture anything of importance about your client.

Go a step further and have the website email them automatically on a set date. Tell them you're thinking of them on their birthday, even if you aren't around. Brand awareness has never been so easy.

Add a shopping cart

Start an online shop and sell your products with ease through your websites' shop management features.

No need for extra software. Just ask and we'll add it to your web plan.

Within minutes you can sell products, process orders, manage stock levels and collect payments from your existing website.

Integrated with Paypal, SagePay and Google Checkout - ecommerce doesn't get any easier.

Send newsletters

How would you like to send newsletters from your website?

Email marketing can be a costly and time consuming process for a business owner.

It doesn't need to be.

With our all-in-one system you can create and send newsletters from your website to your customer database within the hour. Create targeted lists of customers and send e-flyers to different sectors based on content, products or even location. Plan campaigns months in advance and automate PR so that you can concentrate on your business whilst the website updates your clients on what's new.

Instant reports

Sign in, and you'll instantly see how your business is performing online.

Monitor traffic, customer interaction, online marketing and sales all through a secure control panel.

What's next...

Contact Widescope for a demo ...

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Main Features

Manage Your Website

Update and manage your website, blogs and forums, without coding knowledge.
Edit with Web Freedom

Manage Your Online Store

Sell products online, with integrated order management, shipping and payment collection.
Sell with Web Freedom

Reach Your Market

With built-in Email Marketing tools, out of the box.
Connect with Web Freedom

Build Your Customer Base

An integrated CRM system tracks every action your customers make.
Plan with Web Freedom

Make Informed Business Decisions

Based on up-to-date reporting and analytics, working for you 24/7.
Report with Web Freedom